Even a Big Deal?

As parents, we lead busy lives. We want the best for our kids and we do our best to make it all work with all we have on our plates. Substance abuse is an issue we take seriously. By now, we grasp that alcohol, tobacco, opioids, meth and heroin are harmful. But, what about weed? Is marijuana even a big deal for teens? Is it an issue worthy of our attention? Does legal always mean safe? Watch our video series, “DIFFERENT,” to learn why How High Ventura County wants you to take weed seriously.

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A teen’s still-developing brain can be harmed by marijuana use.
Today’s weed is 4x stronger than the weed of the 90s. 1 in 6 teens
will become addicted. Heavy use as a teen can lead to an 8 pt IQ loss.
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Read what the Ventura County Public Health Officer and Superintendent of Schools have to say about Marijuana and Teens: VCStar Op/Ed, Dec 2017

Say 'No' To Drugs Didn't Work.
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