When a parent gets involved, a child has a chance to win. So, what are you waiting for? Get involved today.
And stay involved tomorrow. What's stopping you from becoming the difference in your son or daughter's life?

What Is Passion and Why Does It Matter ?

Sure, teenagers put up walls. But studies have shown that parents who take an active interest in the daily life of their teen play a powerful role in reducing teen drug use. Tonight at the dinner table, and in fact, every night at the dinner table, go deeper. Don't just ask your teen "How was your day?" Uncover what your teen is passionate about. Find out what they love. And help to support them achieve it.

Power of PassionAnd while you're here, if you need help thinking of ways to unlock and support your teen’s passion, check out the How High Passion Plan - and take some time to define "how high" (IRL) you want to help your teen actually get. The teenage wall may be high. But the power is in your hands.